Weather Advisory for Extreme Heat

Weather Advisory for Extreme Heat

According to many national weather services, the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states have issued Excessive Heat Warnings and Advisories for the next few days, with temperatures potentially exceeding 100 degrees in some areas.

Weather Advisory for Extreme HeatIn this time of extremely elevated heat it is important to pay close attention to preventing, recognizing, and treating heat-related illnesses.  Heat stroke, exhaustion, cramps, and rash are all symptoms of heat stress, and should not be taken lightly. Due to the severe increase in heat, many people may experience nausea, vomiting, accelerated heart rate, dizziness, muscle pains, fainting, as well as many other symptoms. It is important to stay cool, remain hydrated, and notify a doctor immediately if these symptoms exhibit themselves or worsen. Keep in mind that pets and livestock can also be adversely affected by severe heat, and safety precautions should be taken to keep them cool and hydrated as well.

The CDC and OSHA have both posted very useful articles on recognizing, preventing, and treating heat-related illnesses. Please take a moment to read them over. Staying informed is the first step in being safe!

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