The Cool Kids of Insurance

The Cool Kids of Insurance

Why do business with Clark-Mortenson? I’ve thought about this question long and hard recently, and I’ve come to this realization: I mean, I know why I think you should do business with us, but how could I explain that to those of you out there that are not yet convinced?   My thoughts first went to the level of service our staff provide and how dedicated they are, but in reality, there will be good service at most agencies you encounter.  Then I thought about how we have been around for well over a hundred years; clearly our longevity should impress you, no?  Perhaps not.  How about the variety of our services? We can provide you with coverage for everything from your home to your business and even your life!! Have you picked up the phone yet?? The question is what makes us different?  Why choose us over the countless other options available to you?  To put it simply, we are unique because of our blend of tried-and-true mixed with vigorous innovation. We have the sophistication of our past experience and are energized by our future transformation.

I’m part of the generation that never fears using a credit card online, gets sucked into three hour Pinterest sessions, and participates in more Netflix television marathons than I’d like to admit.  They say that because of me and my peers, the independent insurance agent is going the way of the dinosaur, but I disagree.  The use of social media is skyrocketing, that much is clear, but right along with it is an increase in the local revolution.  How does Clark-Mortenson embrace this phenomenon?  Easy!  We mirror it. Look for me on Twitter.  I’m there.  Facebook?  Yup, there too. Website?  You are reading this blog, right? My point is this; we have not sacrificed the old for the new.  We’ve only made those years of experience accessible, wherever you’d like to find them.

At the risk of sounding a bit conceited, we are the cool kids of the insurance business, and our job is to make you look good.  For instance, as a business owner, would you rather haveThe Cool Kids of Insurance an insurance advisor who takes your order and pockets a commission for little-to-no work?  Or would you like someone who will help you write your employee manual, provide OSHA training, or answer your HR manager’s questions about FMLA?  Wouldn’t you like to know that I’m always learning something new specifically so that I can help you with something that is challenging you? What I’m asking is, would you rather pay for nothing or for something?

To sum it up; we make it our job to not only know our business but to know about your business, too.  Are you a manufacturer? We know you. Are you a tech start-up? Chris McIntosh knows you. Are you a restaurant? I know you. We take years of training, mentoring and specialization and apply it to the world you live in. We are not your mother’s insurance agent. Give me a call and I’ll show you how we can be a really, really good business decision.

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