Monadnock Habitat for Humanity

"On behalf of the Board of Directors of Monadnock Habitat for Humanity, I'd like to thank you for your financial contribution which enabled us to install a dryer in a just-complete Habitat home.  We found that Korvin would sell us an appropriate dryer at cost, but that that was the best they could do at this time.  Our standard home budget does not include provisions for a washer and dryer, and we were $430 away from obtaining the dryer.  One of our members contacted Lisa Jackson in your organization.  Lisa heard our story, and soon had arranged for Clark-Mortenson to fund the dryer.  I know you can appreciate the wife of our partner family's relief and joy when she finally learned that she would have an energy-efficient, new laundry in the basement.  Thanks, again, for helping a deserving family on their way to home ownership.

habitat for humanity

Charles H. Shook, Sr., Board Treasurer, Monadnock Habitat for Humanity