Special Events Coverage

Special Events Coverage

Bought the dress and ordered the tux                        CHECK
Put the deposit on the cake & ordered the flowers   CHECK
Signed contracts with the band & the photographer CHECK
Talked to your agent about Wedding Insurance        HUH?

Have you protected your investment in your wedding from the unexpected?  What would it cost to get a last minute replacement if the dressmaker ruined your gown at the final fitting or the tux got lost on the way to your local shop?

Will you have to pay more to get a cake from a new bakery if the original bakery has a fire just before your big day?  What if the band cancels at the last minute; hiring your nephew’s garage band shouldn’t be your only option.  The film was defective and all of the photographer’s pictures are over exposed and your best man lives in Bora Bora.  How will you get the wedding party back together to retake the pictures?

Wedding insurance covers postponement and cancellation, as well as lost deposits and in some cases the increased cost, due to no-show vendors, bankruptcy of vendors, damage to the wedding attire, theft of wedding gifts, non-recoverable travel expenses and more.  It can be purchased from your local insurance agent or online.  You choose the coverage level that matches your total event budget.  You can add liability coverage to satisfy the venue’s requirement and if you will be serving alcohol, purchase the social host liability coverage for an extra charge.  The policy can also cover theft or damage to the wedding gifts and to the rings.

A wedding policy will cover postponement due to sudden illness of the bride, groom and immediate family member if it is not a pre-existing medical condition.  It also covers if the weather conditions are severe and a majority of the guests can’t safely travel to the wedding or the venue has to close.  And if you do have to cancel or postpone both the wedding and the honeymoon for a covered reason and you have non-refundable travel or accommodation expenses for the honeymoon, those are covered too.

Two important things to note:
The premium is usually non-refundable.  If you choose to cancel the policy before your event, there is no return of the premium.

The policy doesn’t cover cold feet.  If you cancel or postpone because one of you changes your mind there is no coverage.

This type of policy is available for other events too: your anniversary party, bar mitzvah, family reunion, confirmation, graduation party or any event where you are planning with a big budget.  If you have any questions about what can be covered contact us through our website or at 877-352-2121.

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