Return To Work Action Plan

Creating A Return To Work Plan

How will you know when and how to reopen your business as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic?  That is the question many business owners are asking right now. We may be nearing a time when stay-at-home regulations are scaled back, and all businesses are allowed to resume as normal.  Before we reopen we must create a Covid-19 return to work action plan.

Return to work action plan

The question then is: How will business owners know it is acceptable to reopen? Choosing when to reopen your business is not an easy task at any time, let alone during the coronavirus pandemic.

This short video features six steps to help get you started with your return to work action plan.

  • Determine whether to reopen now or later
  • Create a pandemic response team
  • Modify and disinfect the workplace
  • Establish employee screening protocols and policies
  • Compiles safety materials for employees
  • Finalize the reopening

The CDC has guidelines for your business - check out this flow chart.

Our Business Solutions Team is here to answer your questions and support you and your business by providing you with critical information that helps you manage your risk.  To find more information to help you and your business be ready, check out our dedicated COVID-19 information center.

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