Report a Claim

Insurance Company Direct Numbers

Acadia   855-326-1879
Ace   800-945-7461
Amtrust   866-272-9261
Andover/Cambridge   800-225-0770
Central   888-263-2924
Cincinatti   877-242-2544
Concord Group   800-888-6050
Co-operative  800-388-6638
First Comp   888-500-3344
Foremost   800-435-7764
Guard   800-673-2465
Hanover   800-628-0250
Hartford   800-962-6170
Maine Mutual   888-869-8700
Memic   800-636-4292
Merchants   800-562-1130
Mt. Washington   800-932-6288
National Grange   877-425-2467
Peerless/Liberty   800-362-0000
Peninsula   800-492-1205
Philadelphia   800-765-9749
Progressive   800-274-4499
Safeco   800-332-3226
Selective   877-348-0552
Travelers   800-252-4633
Union/NEG   800-671-8551
USLI   888-523-5545
Vermont Mutual   800-435-0397
Zurich   800-453-9843

Report A Claim

Need to report a claim? We’re always ready to help.

Call in your claim at 1-877-352-2121.

Anything can happen at any time—and we’re here when it does, 24/7. We’ll help you resolve your claim promptly, advise you on coverage, and act as your advocate with your insurance.

Emergency claims (e.g. auto loss with bodily injury, fire loss) call 877-352-2121 and follow the prompts. You will be connected live to a person who can help you. A claims representative will then get back to you, and will assign an adjuster to handle your claim.

Non-emergency claims (e.g. broken windshield, fallen tree limb without bodily injury) please use the forms below.

If you prefer to contact your insurance company directly, refer to the list on the left.  Your insurance company will inform us of your claim and we will follow up with you.  If your company is not listed please call our office at 1-800-287-4710.