Group Disability

Employee Group Disability

As a business owner, you know that productive employees are critical to your business plans. Losing a worker to a disability, even for just a few weeks, can be devastating to both you and the employee. An employee's ability to earn a living is their greatest asset. With disability insurance employers can help their employees protect this asset. Clark-Mortenson offers short-term and long-term disability products.

For your employees: How long could one of your employees maintain their present standard of living without the income they receive from you? To be disabled and to unable to earn an income, even for a short time, can mean financial stress - and even disaster for most individuals. For the employee, it means lost work and loss of income-a financial strain on top of an already difficult situation

For you, the employer: Have you considered some of the costs you would face if an employee became disabled; salary continuation, impaired or lost productivity, hiring costs, training costs and overtime expenses.

When purchased on a group basis, disability coverage provides to the employee a percentage of his/her salary in case of an accident or illness.

Business Overhead pays for an individual's replacement at work in the case of his/her inability to work due to illness or accident.

It pays to protect your employees' income and your business's profits.