Personal Umbrella – FAQ

Personal Umbrella

  • Who should consider a personal umbrella policy?
      • Anyone with substantial assets
      • Anyone with high income, either now or anticipated in the future
      • Public office holders (Selectman, Mayor, City Councilor, State Rep…)
      • People with a "high" profile in the community
      • People with a visible occupation (attorneys, doctors, accountants…)
      • People with a high position at their place of work (President, CEO, CFO…)
      • Normal family with youthful drivers
      • People with a residential farm
      • Anyone who wants to protect their home and assets from being taken away from them

      In general, public attitudes have changed, and the public is much more prone to filing a law suit and juries want to compensate the victims, thus there is a large increase in judgements being awarded.

      An umbrella policy can give you the added protection you need in today's society.