Life and Health Insurance

life and health

Life and Health Insurance

Be Ready for those you love.

In the event of your death, will your surviving spouse have a suitable amount of money for retirement? How will your family pay for final expenses and funeral costs? Have you saved enough prior to send your children to college? What about continuing day-to-day expenses?

Life insurance is for the living.  If you are no longer able to provide for your dependents because of death, life insurance is designed to meet these financial needs. Having the proper amount of life insurance will ensure that your dependents will have the financial resources necessary to maintain their current standard of living without financial strain.

Be Ready for your Health Care Needs.

Every year, the cost of healthcare increases dramatically. Simple same-day surgeries, required tests and emergency attention can add up to thousands of dollars or more. How and who will pay your bills if you have a serious accident or a major illness?

Health Insurance is designed to pay the costs associated with healthcare (bills from physicians, hospitals, and other providers of medical services.) There are a myriad of policy options and deductibles which can be customized for your individual needs to both fit your budget and help prevent financial hardship due to unexpected medical bills.

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