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Be Ready for whatever life brings!
For many of us, our home and personal belongings are our greatest assets. It is important to protect these assets, and to protect yourself in case anyone is injured on your property. As easy as it is to consult a local insurance agent about adequate coverage and get a home insurance quote, many of us don’t make time for this important task. Our agency has offices in New Hampshire and Vermont. We will be happy to help you evaluate your risks and compare rates and policy options.

What does home insurance cover?
Homeowners insurance and renters insurance are designed to protect your assets and allow you to remain financially secure at the time of loss caused by unplanned events such as fires, theft or vandalism, or severe storms. In general, homeowners insurance provides coverage for the dwelling and detached structures; household property or contents; loss of use, which covers temporary housing if necessary; and most importantly, personal liability protection.

The most important thing about homeowners insurance is to have adequate coverage, for both your property and your premises liability exposures. We suggest you keep records of your belongings using a home inventory checklist to document the contents of your house or apartment. If you do not purchase enough insurance, a loss may not be totally covered, or the policy you have may not account for full replacement value of your property. Let’s work together to see If your home insurance is up to date.

Do you need a separate flood insurance policy?
Many homeowners believe it would take a severe storm to flood their house, and therefore they do not anticipate the very real potential for flooding to affect their property. While it’s true that coastal properties may have a greater risk for flood, everyone lives in a flood zone and may benefit from securing flood insurance.

Home insurance quotes and personal service
Our experienced agents and friendly staff are ready to discuss the right coverage for you. Let us help you be ready in the event of a home insurance claim by offering a review. Contact us today for a renters insurance or home insurance quote! If you prefer, simply submit our online annual home review form, and we will be in touch.


Be Ready for the Road Ahead!
One of the most important things you do when you own a car, is insure it.  It can be tricky to decide just what coverage to get, and how much you need to protect your asset, and yourself.  Our knowledgeable team will help you understand your options and pick the policy right for you.

In general, auto insurance can be broken down into three distinct areas of coverage:

Liability: to protect for bodily injury and property damage to others

Medical: to protect the driver

Physical damage: to protect your actual vehicle. All are important and can help protect you financially.

Let us review your options with you:  Click get a quote or call us and we will see what discounts you qualify for and help you get the best protection possible at a price you can afford.

Other things to Consider:

  • Bundle your home and auto
  • Teen drivers
  • Business use of your vehicle
  • Leased vehicles - Gap coverage
  • Rental vehicles
  • Trailers & things you tow
  • RV’s, ATV’s, Snowmobiles

Vermont and New Hampshire Car Insurance Quotes
Contact the independent agents at Clark-Mortenson to compare car insurance quotes from major insurance companies. 877-352-2121