Our Newest Alliance

Our Newest Alliance:
A Message from Our President, Tom Minkler

We are pleased about our affiliation with Commonwealth Financial Group (CFG). You may wonder why we formed this alliance, and that would be a good question!

Our alliance with CFG was formed due to several factors. Lately we have been getting more and more requests from our clients to help them with many forms of planning for their future, Things like; retirement planning, estate planning, business perpetuation planning, buy/sell agreements and information on trusts, wills and living wills. Perhaps it is because many of our “Baby Boomer” clients are getting closer and closer to retirement. Maybe it’s because our small businesses and/or family controlled businesses need to find a way to transfer the business from a long time owner to a key employee to move from one generation to the next. Perhaps it is because many of our millennial clients are wondering what the future holds for them and our clients want to know how to attract and retain their talents.

Through our alliance, Clark-Mortenson’s dedicated team is also able to help CFG clients in areas that they are not focused. Our Business Solutions team can assist in areas of HR Compliance, Management of Risk, Loss Prevention and Training. And our Select Client team can help those clients who have been successful, to protect exposures they may not even be aware they have, such as serving on non-profit boards.

Clark-Mortenson’s core mission is to help our clients “Be Ready For Anything®”, and through our affiliation with CFG we are able to better fulfill that mission and help protect our clients. Here are some areas we can offer you solutions:

  • Do you have a comprehensive financial plan in place that will allow you to achieve your goals?
  • Who should be in charge of your business affairs, finances and medical care if you
    become incapacitated?
  • Who do you want to take over your business, and what are the tax implications for transferring your business to the next generation or a trusted employee?
  • Are you certain that you’re taking full advantage of tax saving strategies that may be available to you & your business?
  • Do you know for sure if your Trust & Estate plan still meets the objectives you initially intended it to?
  • When you consider your investments, retirement accounts, insurance policies, real estate and any other business interests, what do you want to achieve with those assets and who should inherit them?
  • How should you split an estate amongst a mixed-marriage family? How do stepchildren fit into the picture?
  • How should an estate be passed down to a child with reckless spending habits or poor judgment?
  • At what age should heirs receive their share – paid in installments, at age milestones, paid out for life?
  • How do you begin to plan for retirement?
  • If you own a business, do you know what it is worth and how it fits into your overall financial plan?

These are just a few of the areas that you may be thinking about today. We appreciate the trust you have shown in us for all of your other insurance needs. We want you to know that we can also help you with all of your future planning needs, whether for your family or for you business.

All of us at Clark-Mortenson wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

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