Observing Memorial Day

Observing Memorial Day

Each Memorial Day, like many people, I look forward to the long weekend and getting together with family and friends.  Usually my holiday consists of planning a menu, grocery shopping, and cleaning the house on Saturday; having the barbeque get together on Sunday, and then relaxing on Monday.  Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the planning of the festivities, that we forget what makes this a holiday in the first place. 

Observing Memorial DayMemorial Day wasn't declared a holiday to give us an extra day off of work or a day to grill with the family; Memorial Day is supposed to be about remembering and giving thanks to our fallen soldiers that have sacrificed their lives for the well being of our country.  This Memorial Day, I'm going to try to attend a local Parade with my little one.  At his age, he will be enthralled with the red, white, and blue flags waving along the sidewalks and the sounds of the drums parading through the street.  But hopefully, if we make this part of our tradition, at an early age he will come to understand why we have Memorial Day.

It's important that we stop to recognize those who've lost their lives while serving and I think it's also important to recognize those who are still serving in our nation's military.  If it weren't for them, I may not be able to walk freely down the street with my son in a safe environment.  So thank you - thank you for sacrificing your life to defend our country and here's to celebrating you!

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  1. Karen
    I just wanted to say "Thank you". Not many people realize the importance of Memorial Day. My father and his father and my mother's father and brother's all served in the Military. Some in the wars and some were lucky enough to serve during peaceful times. But serve they did.

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