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Hospitality Insurance Plus—a program designed specifically for NHLRA members

coffeeandmuffinSpecialized insurance, competitive rates, a dedicated member portal, risk management, safety and compliance support, designed for restaurants and lodging properties. In a strategic partnership, Clark-Mortenson and the New Hampshire Lodging & Restaurant Association have tailored a program that meets your unique needs.

Insurance coverage you can count on ~ When you run a restaurant or lodging property, it's your job to be ready for anything. That means more than unexpected customer requests and double bookings. But you can be ready for whatever comes next, with Hospitality Insurance Plus.

Dedicated NHLRA Member Portal ~ This online resource is dedicated to NHLRA members and is designed with your unique needs in mind! Explore and you’ll discover a host of tools, services and resources that help you to collaborate, minimize risks, promote wellness, prevent losses and stay in compliance. It’s just one of the many innovative ways we keep you updated and current!  To sign up for a user name and password, send a request to businesssolutions@clark-mortenson.com.

Training and Professional Development opportunities ~ As advisors to the area business community, Clark-Mortenson offers free training workshops on important business related issues. If you are interested in the current training opportunities that are available, click here.  In addition, NHLRA supports industry members through various types of professional development: seminars, workshops, and webinars. Staff training is available in almost any type of manner on almost any type of topic, click here to find out what is available at this time.

For a free quote, email nhlra@clark-mortenson.com.

*NHLRA Member Exclusive: Members are eligible for workers' compensation coverage through our New Hampshire Hospitality Compensation Trust.  This self-funded program returns dividends to our Members of 20% or more each year; consider that return of your premium!

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