More Than a Big Pile of Papers

More Than a Big Pile of Papers

So you've bought an insurance policy.  You paid a lot of money but it doesn't seem like you have much in return.  It looks like a big pile of papers written in legal language that you don't understand. What exactly did you purchase?

  1. Expertise:  If I am the agent assisting with your policy, then you are benefiting from over 25,000 hours of knowledge that has been accumulated by reading policies, taking classes, talking with business owners and talking with company underwriters and claims adjusters.  All of these activities give me the expertise to advise you on what your business or home may need in the event of a loss. More Than a Big Pile of Papers

2. Protection:  It can be easy to forget as you go through your day to day routine, but your insurance policy is supposed to protect you against the possibility of bankruptcy in the event that a major catastrophe befalls you.

  1. Promise:  If the worst happens (i.e. a badly injured employee, a deadly car accident, a fire that burns down your business), there will be someone to help you through it.  We hope that nothing bad will happen and that you will never need us, but if you do, we promise to support you and assist you through the claims process until you are made whole.

An insurance policy may look like a pile of papers but it could be the most important pile of papers you ever deal with.  Perhaps reading this will make you think it's time to review your insurance coverages to bring your protection up to date and ensure that you will Be Ready for Anything.  If so, contact me by phone 877-352-2121 or email

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