The Million Dollar Mocha Frappuccino

The Million Dollar Mocha Frappuccino

Close your eyes and picture the scene. It’s promising to be a busy Friday night. The tables are set, the prep work is done, the doors are about to open, and the vibe is….sleepy. Sally Server falls on the knife and takes orders for a much needed coffee run for the million dollar mocha frappuccino. She hops in her ‘97 Honda Civic and makes a beeline for Starbucks. If you own or manage a restaurant, this premise may sound familiar. But what happens when the story goes horribly, horribly wrong? Let’s say that Sally, who, let’s face it, is much better at navigating high top tables than 5pm Friday traffic, t-bones a family in their Dodge minivan. Oh. No.

What happens next? Sally will be sued, and so will your business. It’s crazy, but true. Restaurants with no delivery or catering service often neglect to carry auto coverage, and why would they? The scenario above demonstrates one instance where your business can be pulled into an auto liability suit without ever even owning a vehicle or requiring driving as part of any job description.

I often get that lifted-eyebrow-pursed-lips look from my clients when I explain the need for this coverage, BUT, if it’s possible that someone from your staff may be making a coffee run/supply run/(insert your run here) run, and you are not covering the business for this exposure, you have an entrée sized hole in your insurance program. The happy ending to this story is that this is actually a very avoidable scenario. Adding hired and non-owned auto liability coverage to your business program is easy and oh-so-affordable. No, really, it’s like in the hundred dollar range

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