“It Depends” The Oldest Insurance Answer in the Book

It Depends- The Oldest Insurance Answer in the Book

No doubt you have heard this answer from your insurance agent a time or two before.  As consumers, we do not have the time to read though our insurance policies, nor would we want to if we had the time!  We turn to our trusted advisor to help us in understanding the high level information that we need to know relating to what our policies do and do not cover.  We can’t be bothered with the how and where coverage exists; we just want to make sure it is there when and if we need it.

That's why we have Trusted Choice Advisors to help us be ready for anything that life throws in our path.  Having your coverage through an agent can help you manage your policies; sometimes with several different carriers, sometimes all with the same carrier.  It helps to have someone look out for your best interest and make sure that no matter what the situation is, you have the right coverage.

For example, with a loading and unloading exposure both your General Liability and Auto Liability coverages should be with the same carrier.  If you have the same carrier for Auto and General Liability then there is no question which carrier will pay, but rather which policy will support paying the claim.  For instance, a furniture mover would file a claim under his or her auto liability for damage done to a wall while moving a couch by hand from the truck to the living room in a house.  This is due to the fact that Auto liability covers exposure until the goods that are being moved are in their final resting spot.  However, if the same furniture mover was moving that same couch with a mechanical device such as a forklift and the same damage was done, then the coverage“It depends” The Oldest Insurance Answer in the Book would be found under their General Liability policy.

Small changes to situations can change the way a claim would be covered, and even what policy that coverage would come from, so truly in insurance, "it depends".  Talk to your Trusted Choice Advisor, speak about situations and scenarios that come up day to day and be sure that your coverages are adequate for all of these situations.

It never hurts to call and ask for advice.  The answer to your questions may be that "it depends" but we will find a solution so that you are confident that "depending" on the situation, you, your family, or your business are properly covered and are ready for anything!

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