Is Your Company Prepared For A Power Outage?

Is Your Company Prepared For A Power Outage?

Is Your Company Prepared For A Power OutageGuest Blog Post by Powers Guaranteed Generators:

Today’s businesses are extremely reliant on electricity. In some instances, mere hours or minutes without power can have drastic consequences, and extensive power outages may prevent you from communicating to your customers and your team at the office or on the road. Without backup power, your production and service capabilities can immediately be affected, resulting in missed deadlines and service interruptions.

After power is restored, repercussions may still be felt. Depending on the time of the year, losing power could cause pipes to burst and freeze, resulting in serious water damage; or servers without power could be at risk of losing important data, and electronic systems such as credit card processing and phone systems may require restoring or incur additional IT costs. A two or three day power outage, especially for businesses that ship consumer goods or require ongoing customer support, can make the difference between being profitable and being in the red.

Businesses should create and maintain disaster recovery plans, similar to the way they would prepare business plans or marketing and sales plans. The goal is to keep revenue flowing, customers happy, and employees safe during a short or prolonged power disruption.

Investing in a generator for your business will provide a continued source of power so you can maintain operations without any downtime. There are many benefits to installing a standby generator. When power is lost, a generator will automatically start without delay, and once power is restored, the load is transferred back and the generator will shut down. With a standby generator, rather than a temporary generator, there is no need to venture outside to set it up, gas it up, or turn it on. The standby generator is permanently installed and begins working as soon as it is needed.

Standby generators are more affordable than ever before, and when purchased for a business, will often pay for themselves in just a single power outage. When deciding on the size of your generator, it is important to consider what in your business is necessary to keep running. If you operate a restaurant, for instance, the walk-in refrigerators and freezers will be top priority, while the televisions and sound system are less important. Determining the priority needs will help your installer recommend the best generator size to suit your needs.

Generators should only be installed by licensed electricians or generator companies who understand utility regulations as well as local and national building and electrical codes. While generator systems are very reliable, they are not maintenance-free. Generators must have regularly scheduled maintenance, and it is important that this be handled by a local generator service company.

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Sheena Royce: We are a full service company and are the experts when it comes to generators. We cSheena Roycean handle the entire project for you. And we’ll be there for you long after the installation to maintain your generator and handle any service emergency you may encounter. To learn more about generators for businesses, visit or contact Powers Guaranteed Generators at 800-853-7202 and Press 1.

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