Information about COVID-19 and Insurance

Information about COVID-19 and Insurance

As a result of the Coronaviurs, Clark-Mortenson wants to keep you informed on how the Covid-19 could impact your business and insurance coverage. This is an unprecedented time for all of us, and the information included in this section is current as of today. This can change in the future.

Types of Insurance

Within this section we have several links to various types of insurance. This is only an overview. The actual terms and conditions of any policy language is determined by the insurance company that is providing that policy.


Your Business

Document all the facts as to the economic hardship the situation has caused your business, including dates and financial records.

For those businesses with employees who are being paid while not working during COVID-19,the employer should keep detailed records to include; the hours and amounts paid, which employees were paid and start and end date for these payroll payments

NY Department of Financial Services rule regarding relief to individual customers (PDF download)

You and the people around you

Document the steps you are taking to protect your business, employees, and customers. Preventive measures, business closing, social distancing, etc. (For more useful information on these topics please be sure to view our special Clark-Mortenson Coronavirus Information Center)


Billing and payments

Many insurance companies are letting us know they are recognizing the hardships on businesses regarding their insurance bills that are due. Some of the insurance companies are offering ways to make the billing have less of a financial impact for you. Please contact our office to speak to a trusted advisor about your billing options.