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Pertinent Facts Concerning Renters & Homeowners Policies

The following is a partial summary of policy limitations, and/or endorsements, that you should consider carefully. Please refer to your policy for specific language regarding coverages and exclusions. In most cases we can provide these coverages by amending your policy, or through a separate policy. Some of these highlighted limitations and exclusions are new so please review thoroughly and call our office to discuss details or to be sure you are adequately covered.

Insurance to Value:

All homeowners’ policies contain a clause, which states that you must carry adequate coverage toward the Replacement Value of your dwelling to avoid suffering a penalty at the time of a covered loss. If you have made any renovations to your home, please be sure to call our office, so we may increase your coverage.

Named Insured:

Is your home owned by a Trust? The Named Insured on an insurance policy must be the legal owner of the property. If the Named Insured is not correctly shown on your policy, your claim will be denied by the insurance company. To avoid such a catastrophic event, review all of your policies to make sure that the Named Insured is written correctly on each policy. If the Named Insured (policy owner) is different from the property owner, call us.

Business Pursuits on Premises:

If you are operating a business or keep business property on your premises, a special endorsement needs to be added to your policy to cover your business contents, the building in which your business contents are stored (if it is detached), and your business liability.

Replacement Cost Coverage on Dwellings:

Many of our companies offer replacement cost coverage on the dwelling, although this coverage varies per company.

Replacement Cost Coverage on Contents:

In the event of a covered loss, this endorsement pays on the basis of the cost to replace your contents rather than their Actual (depreciated) Cash Value. Certain limitations apply.

Power Surge:

Newer policy forms exclude damages resulting from certain types of power surges (e.g. blown transformer). Power surges can result in a substantial loss to your property by damaging electronic equipment and appliances. Call us to help you protect your valuable possessions, with power surge protection.

Host Liquor Liability:

Newer policy forms exclude coverage for host liquor liability. You can be held liable if your guest leaves your party and injures someone due to intoxication. Please contact our agency to discuss coverage through an Events policy (for a reception or graduation party) or to obtain an umbrella liability policy to provide this coverage.

Vacant, Unoccupied or Rented Properties:

If your property is or becomes vacant, unoccupied or rented to others, it can limit or even void the coverage under your homeowners’ policy.


Homeowners policies DO NOT provide coverage for Home Day Care Businesses.

Umbrella Liability Coverage:

Umbrella coverage is available to provide additional and increased limits of liability coverage over your other personal lines policies. Higher liability limits without an Umbrella policy are also available.

Detached Structures:

The standard homeowners’ policy provides 10% of your dwelling coverage amount for detached structures. This may not be enough coverage.

Mold, Fungi:

Your policy may severely limit or exclude coverage under both property and liability sections of the homeowners policy.

Recreational Vehicles and Tractors:

(e.g., ATV’s, snowmobile’s, motorcycle’s, camper’s, backhoe’s) are not always covered under a homeowner’s policy. Call us for specifics.


Coverage can be limited under a homeowners' policy. Call us for specifics.

Policy Limitations:

Your policy may have coverage limitations on several types of property. Below is a partial listing. Note your policy can be endorsed to increase and provide broader coverage.

  • Guns
  • Jewelry, Watches, Furs
  • Silver, Gold, Silverware & Pewterware
  • Money

Optional Coverages:

The following coverages are not automatically included under the standard homeowners’ policy.

  • Flood
  • Earthquake
  • Ordinance of Law
  • Personal Injury
  • Back up of Sewers and Water Drains
  • Loss of Refrigeration
  • Identity Theft

Please be sure to call our office if you should have any questions or concerns regarding your coverage.


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