The New Cyber Threat that will “Bash” the “Heartbleed”

The New Cyber Threat that will "Bash" the "Heartbleed"

Computer users nationwide were led to believe that their largest issue to face had been the occurrence of the “Heartbleed” bug that had occurred in AprThe New Cyber Threat that will "Bash" the "Heartbleed"il of 2014. “Heartbleed” is an open-source encryption bug that resulted in putting millions of computer users at risk due to that fact that it coincided with OpenSSL software, which is utilized in about two-thirds of the sites found on the web.

However, on Wednesday September 24th, insight on a new security bug had been released to the public by cyber experts. This particular bug has been discovered in “Bash” which is software that possesses the function to control the command prompt on many Linux computers. Therefore with the creation of this new bug, hackers are gaining the ability to take utter control of a system.

The current “Bash” issue is one of no comparison to the previous “Heartbleed” bug due to the fact that hackers were limited to only spying on computers, where as now they are able to take matters into their own hands.

According to the Boston Insider, “Tod Beardsley, an engineering manager at cybersecurity firm Rapid7, warned that the bug was rated a "10" for severity, meaning it has maximum impact, and rated "low" for complexity of exploitation, meaning it is relatively easy for hackers to launch attacks.” Beardsley also states the urgency of deploying the patch due to the level of access these hackers have now reached.

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