Giving Thanks-Arriving Safely will be thanks enough

Giving Thanks-Arriving Safely will be thanks enoughGiving Thanks-Arriving Safely will be thanks enough

According to Travel Sense Organization, most Americans tend not to stray too far from their family's roots, making long drives on the interstate an integral part of the holiday ritual.

The first step to ensure a smooth car trip is to keep your car in good working order.  Before making that long trip to Grandmother’s house, treat your car to a professional tune up.

 Care for your car:

  • Check the brakes, lights, tires, battery, oil, and fluids.
  • Invest in a pair of special winter windshield wipers. They help with visibility in ‘slushy’ conditions; and have de-icer in your windshield wiper fluid.
  • Be sure to have an ice scraper and clear your windows thoroughly before you drive off.
  • Don’t delay, get those snow tires on.

As with all long-distance road trips, it's wise to bring emergency equipment:

Emergency Equipment List:

□       First-aid kit,
□       Flashlight,
□       Blankets,
□       Drinking water and snacks,
□       Flares and jumper cables.

Give yourself plenty of time and let someone know your travel plans.  What route you plan to take, when you are leaving, and when you expect to arrive. Roads are busiest on the days right before and after major holidays.

Once on the road, drive carefully.  Be patient, and be ready to have some fun!  Make it part of the whole holiday experience.  Share what you are each thankful for.  Sing songs, play the license plate game.  You have all this time to spend together; you might as well make the most of it!

We wish all of you safe travels and a Thanksgiving filled with families, friends and warm memories.  Safe travels.

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