The Full Spectrum

The Full Spectrum

Here's a secret (that is in fact no secret at all) which people sometimes seem to overlook. Insurance Agent A, B, & C can most likely sell you the same insurance. To take it a step further there is a good chance they can all do it pretty well!

Ok, I feel better now that I came out and said it. The people I compete with are typically pretty good at their jobs...

I know what your thinking, this is a really odd way for an insurance professional to start a conversation and typically I would agree with you, but here's the thing: Clients today need so much more from us than just insurance. There is a tremendous amount of "stuff" that a business needs to comply with and they need to receive that help and guidance somewhere.

So yes, we all (insurance agents) get paid to help you identify your exposures, find coverage to mitigate the risk, and help manage the cost of your insurance program. However, not all of us offer the Full Spectrum of service, for the same price, a business truly needs to be competitive in today's world.

Click HERE for a PowerPoint with more details about the full spectrum!

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