Fireworks Safety to Maximize Holiday Enjoyment

Fireworks Safety to Maximize Holiday Enjoyment

The summer months are filled with fun activities and events for kids and adults of all ages. In New Hampshire and Vermont, the Fourth of July is one of the most enjoyable and celebrated events of the summer. From picnics and parades to fireworks displays, Fourth of July celebrations are full of spectacle and laughter.

Unfortunately, the joy and laughter of the summer months can quickly turn to sadness and tragedy when accidents involving occur, especially those involving fireworks. Many fireworks accidents, and the pain and suffering they cause, can be avoided with a few simple steps.

To maximize your enjoyment of a fireworks show be sure to:
Know and abide by state laws: Vermont and New Hampshire laws place strict regulations on the types and amounts of fireworks that can be legally purchased or used. Be sure to know which fireworks are Fireworks Safety to Maximize Holiday Enjoymentlegal for purchase, and adhere to these regulations as failure to do so may lead to fines and the forfeiture of remaining fireworks.
Supervise children at all times: Children often play a role in a fireworks show, from simply watching to actively participating. Be sure that children remain a safe distance away from fireworks at all times, and carefully supervise your child’s interaction with fireworks – even sparklers have the potential to cause significant harm to your child.
Have proper safety equipment on hand: Be sure to have a hose or fire extinguisher on hand to address any fire or smoldering fireworks. Remember, even after a firework has been exploded, it has the potential to start a fire, especially in grassy areas or during periods of low rain.
Prepare a safe area: Fireworks should be lit only on a flat, non-combustible surface, such as a driveway, cement slab or patio blocks. Fireworks lit on uneven surfaces may tip over, leading to burns or uncontrolled explosion.
Inform all onlookers of dangers: Be sure that onlookers remain a safe distance from lit fireworks, and that they are aware of the potential for danger.
Adhere to fire safety regulations: The summer months in New Hampshire and Vermont have the potential to be dry. In periods of drought or minimal rain, the potential for fire is significantly increased. At these times, area officials may place a ban on fireworks. Be sure to investigate and adhere to these regulations when planning your fireworks display.
Review your insurance coverage: With so much happening, the beginning of summer is a great time to review your home insurance and health insurance. Be sure that your home and health insurance plans are up-to-date and address all of your coverage needs.

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