Does my auto policy cover my recreation vehicle?What is “Drive Other Car” Coverage?Why does my private passenger vehicle have to go on my commercial policy?What is non-owned auto coverage?What is hired auto coverage?

What is “Drive Other Car” Coverage?

Drive other car coverage provides liability, medical payments, uninsured/under-insured motorist, and physical damage coverage for the personal use of a non-owned automobile by the individual wished to protect. If an individual, for example a company officer, does not have their own personal auto policy and drives a corporate car, you would want to add this…
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What is non-owned auto coverage?

Non-owned auto coverage is liability that covers a vehicle owned by any party other than the company, however it is utilized on the company's behalf. An example of when non-auto coverage is necessary would be when an employer sends an employee out on an errand for the company and is involved in an accident while…
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