What happens when I add my teen driver to the policy?

Some things to think about are...

Teenagers are expensive to insure because they are the least experienced drivers. A driver's education course can help ease the burden of insurance costs since it teaches your teenager defensive driving techniques. If your child's high school does not offer driver's education, try to find one offered by another school or a private firm in the area. After all, the cost of driver's education could be cheaper than the extra cost of your insurance.

  • Many insurers offer "good student" discounts, if your child is on the honor role or has a B average or better. This can result in a substantial savings.
  • Teenagers are easily distracted by passengers, cell phones etc. Take time to talk with your teen and set rules when they start out on their own.
  • Safe Driving: Accidents do happen, but accidents and violations are going to increase the cost of your young driver's insurance substantially.

Clark-Mortenson is an active participant in educating new drivers about the insurance process. Have your child give us a call and we will be happy to review the key areas that can effect your child's insurance one on one with them.

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