Strategies to Sharpen Employee Communication Skills

Strategies to Sharpen Employee Communication Skills

Effective employee communication is a vital aspect of the employer-employee relationship. It shows employees that they are valued by the company; conversely, a lack of communication can make them feel unappreciated, fostering discontentment and low morale. Poor communication may also suggest to employees indifference to their performance and result in lower productivity. With all the possible channels for communication today, there are plenty of opportunities to supply employees with timely and accurate company news and information.

Face to Face meetings are a great way to communicate with staff.  But, there are many ways to communicate with employees using varies mediums like E-mail, Text, Intranet, Newsletters, instant Messaging and online bulletin boards.  By using this balance you are managing the different ways that employees hear your message and feel that you remain visible and accessible.

Getting information out to employees is essential, but hearing their thoughts, concerns and ideas is important too. Not only will they feel like the company values their opinion, but they could provide some excellent feedback for future changes or improvements. Here are just a few ideas for encouraging open communication:

  • During company or department-wide meetings, allow time at the end for a question and answer portion. Here, executives need to be sure to answer employees honestly and directly, even if the answer is, “I’m not sure” or “I can’t discuss that now and here’s why...”
  • When possible, deliver news in smaller group settings to allow for discussion and conversation among employees and management.
  • Conduct periodic employee opinion surveys and keep them anonymous to encourage candid responses. Analyze the results collectively and work to improve items of concern among employees.

Have an open-door policy for all management levels. Employees should feel comfortable expressing their ideas, concerns or suggestions with a supervisor

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