Insurance Solutions for the Eldercare Industry

Eldercare Industry

Insurance Solutions for the Eldercare Industry

What are you doing to manage site safety in your eldercare facility?


Eldercare Industry Business owners are responsible for providing a safe and healthful workplace for their employees. Providing them with a safety manual will help you to set and enforce standards and encourage continual improvement in workplace safety and health.


Our Employee Safety Manual for the Eldercare Industry includes the following sections:

  • Employee Safety Responsibilities
  • Safety Orientation Training
  • Return to Work Program
  • Emergency Action Plan
  • Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Vehicle Use Policy
  • And much more!

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Meet our Eldercare Insurance Specialists

Our team of experienced professionals specialize in providing insurance solutions for Residential Care Home facilities, Home Health Care providers, Hospice care facilities and other organizations that fall under the eldercare industry umbrella.  With over 30 combined years of insurance experience, they know how to tailor an insurance program specific to meet the needs of the health care industry.  From property and liability insurance and employment practices liability, to OSHA and HR Best Practices, our suite of insurance services ensure that your organization is Ready for Anything. We’ll regularly review your needs and answer every question you have—so you can sleep well knowing your residents and employees are safe from risk.

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