Things People Forget to Tell Their Insurance Agent

Things People Forget to Tell Their Insurance Agent

Below are some of the exposures we often see and we want to be sure we are offering you the advice you need to be properly protected.  If you are in involved in or have any of these types of situations, please give us a call to discuss at 877-352-2121!

  1. Started serving on a nonprofit board

    Sitting on a nonprofit or for-profit board opens you up to the potential for risk, including risk that exposes you to personal liability that you alone are responsible for if a company cannot indemnify them. Directors & Officers insurance (D&O) can protect you from these exposures.

  2. Hosting a charitable event or fundraiser

    A charity event insurance policy provides liability coverage if a guest at the event is injured or if the venue is damaged in any way throughout the course of the event. This coverage may be required by banquet halls or ballrooms in which your event is sponsored.

  3. Hired a nanny or au pair

    Most nannies and au pairs do not carry their own liability insurance. Workers’ compensation, health, employer liability and auto coverage should all be considered, as well as raising your personal umbrella liability limits.


  4. Your children are using social media

    Social media abuse can lead to personal injury lawsuits. Protect your family by adding a “personal injury endorsement”.


  5. Loaned your fine art to a museum or gallery exhibition

    Make sure your artwork is covered for the most recent appraisal value from the moment it leaves your house until the time it’s safely back in your home. This is known as “wall-to-wall” coverage.


  6. Acquired property elsewhere

    Is your new property protected against wildfires, sinkholes or flooding? Never assume that these disasters are covered on your homeowners policy.  Give us a call so we can make sure you’re properly protected.

  7. Purchased a safe

    Some insurance companies will offer a discount to people who have secured their valuables in a home safe. Give us a call to learn if you’re eligible.


  8. Frequently travelling abroad

    For those people who are constantly flying from one country to another, there are a few coverages to consider. Travel Insurance will cover costs associated with cancelled flights and lost baggage. Travel Medical insurance covers overseas medical treatment, and Medical Evacuation Services will cover medical evacuation or escort services charges.

  9. Started collecting

    Whether it’s wine, a baseball card collection or art, you may want to consider Collectibles insurance. Collectibles insurance would pay for accidental breakage that a homeowners policy would not. And unlike home insurance, collectibles insurance often doesn’t require you to pay a deductible when you make a claim, though you can opt for a deductible to save on coverage for pricier items.

  10. Kids off to college 

    Are they living on campus, or renting an apartment off campus?  If they are living off campus in an apartment you may be able to add a rider to your home policy to cover their belongings and liability or they may need a separate renters policy.  Did they bring a vehicle with them? Depending on your insurance company they may need to know where the vehicle is going to be kept for the school season.

If any of the above circumstances apply to you, give us a call so we can make sure you're properly covered at 877-352-2121!

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