Does Your Policy Cover Medical Payments?

Does Your Policy Cover Medical Payments?

One of your friends trips over her own feet on the way out your door.  She falls and breaks her ankle. It certainly wasn't your fault, and she wouldn't want to sue you for negligence because she's your friend.  However, she could really use help with paying part of her medical bill, due to the fact that she has a high deductible health plan.  That's the purpose of Medical Payments coverage on your homeowner’s policy.  Its other name is "Guest Medical", and it will assist with minor medical bills that may be incurred if someone gets hurt on your property.  It can be thought of as a no-fault coverage.Does Your Policy Cover Medical Payments?

Business liability policies also have this coverage and it works in the same manner. The key here is, that the injury is not your fault.

You also have Medical Payments on your auto policy and it works in a similar manner.  If your passenger (or you, in this case) hits their head in an accident and needs a couple of stitches, Medical Payments will assist you. Did the accident result in a ride in an ambulance for you or your passenger?  Ambulances are frequently NOT covered by health insurance, so call your insurance agent to see if your auto policy has this important coverage.

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