Change-Healthcare Reform

Change-Healthcare Reform

We all know the clichés surrounding change. Change is hard. Change is another word for opportunity. Change is inevitable. Change hurts. Change is for the best. Etc., etc. Put simply: change, whether for good or bad, is uncomfortable. And under the Health care legislation passed by our Government, change is coming to the health care industry and to all of us as consumers. In fact, when one-sixth of the economy is involved, change is coming to our society.  Complex legislation is, well, complex, and the health care reform recently signed into law by President Barack Obama is no exception. Keep in mind, nothing is going to change tomorrow. Or next week. Or next month. Most, although not all, of the reforms take effect months and years from now. There will be plenty of time to digest the meaning of the health care reform package and to prepare for its impact.

Not only will there be plenty of time to digest and prepare for the coming changes, there is plenty of time to influence what those changes are. There’s still much to be done. Judges, regulators and state lawmakers will refine, define and mold the provisions of the bills. This is an evolving process. Organizations like the National Association of Health Underwriters are well prepared to promote the viewpoints of its members as well as Unions.

So to paraphrase Winston Churchill’s famous “”a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma,” what we have here is uncertainty, wrapped in complications, inside complexity. There are many layers to this onion and it will take time to get through them all.

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