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Why should I insure my home for more than it’s worth?

Why should I insure my home for more than it's worth? Recently, I had a client bring in the sales brochure for their home.  The realtor had listed it at $153,000.  They also had the tax assessment on the building showing $127,000.  Putting them on my desk they demanded to know why they had insurance…
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Change-Healthcare Reform

Change-Healthcare Reform We all know the clichés surrounding change. Change is hard. Change is another word for opportunity. Change is inevitable. Change hurts. Change is for the best. Etc., etc. Put simply: change, whether for good or bad, is uncomfortable. And under the Health care legislation passed by our Government, change is coming to the…
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About Us

About Us A message about Clark-Mortenson from Tom and Heather Minkler.
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