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Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance Just a single inch of water from flooding can cause costly damage to your home. Here’s what you need to know about insuring against damages caused by flooding. What Protection Does it Offer? A standard homeowners policy does not cover damages from flooding. A separate flood policy is needed to cover losses to…
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Emergency Generator Safety

Emergency Generator Safety Did You Know? The capacity of a generator is calculated in watts. For instance, you may own a 2,000-watt generator. Therefore, if you have an appliance that requires 120 volts and uses 10 amps, the appliance will require 1,200 watts of power. By doing this calculation, you can determine what appliances can…
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Compliance Updates: Year in Review

Compliance Updates: Year in Review 2017 saw big changes in Washington, which meant changes for the way HR professionals do business. Here’s a recap of a couple events that took place: OSHA Recordkeeping Requirements OSHA’s final rule now requires certain establishments to submit injury and illness information electronically to OSHA by Dec. 15, 2017. DOL…
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Buying a New or Used Car?

Buying a New or Used Car? You may not have coverage for driving it off the lot! You have just purchased a brand new convertible Mustang. It’s red, loud and it’s fast. Many customers and auto dealerships may think that the auto policy extends coverage to newly acquired vehicles. Unfortunately that is not always the…
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Home Warranty

Home Warranty Were you aware that you can purchase insurance to cover appliances and systems in your home? A home warranty can provide coverage for the replacement or repair of certain home systems that includes wear and tear. An example of equipment covered could be refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machine, smoke detectors, and heating with ductwork.…
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