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Liquor Liability Insurance

LIQUOR LIABILITY INSURANCE Serving alcohol is a common practice for restaurants, bars, catering companies, entertainment venues and similar establishments. While providing a wide array of beverage options is important, serving alcohol in particular can create a variety of risks for business owners. For instance, if a patron of your business becomes intoxicated and injures a…
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Keep Your Buffet Safe for Customers

KEEP YOUR BUFFET SAFE FOR CUSTOMERS A buffet can be a very convenient food option for patrons, permitting them to select what they want and take only what they need. When offering a buffet, however, you must always exercise caution and put safety first to avoid cross-contamination, which can cause serious illness. This begins during…
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Monadnock United Way – Live United 2018-2019

Monadnock United Way – Live United 2018-2019 Once again, we are proud to be a Pacesetter for the Monadnock United Way’s 2018-2019 campaign. As a Pacesetter, Clark-Mortenson is proud to join other leading companies and organizations in the community and jump-start the United Way’s annual campaign, raising new dollars to create opportunities to improve the…
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Protect Your Eyes From UV Rays

PROTECT YOUR EYES FROM UV RAYS The sun releases energy, called radiation, in various forms: in the sunlight you see, the heat you feel and the invisible ultraviolet (UV) rays that cause sunburn. UV rays from the sun can also damage your eyes and hurt your vision. Dangers of UV Rays There are two types…
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How Should You Prepare for a Vacation?

HOW SHOULD YOU PREPARE FOR A VACATION? There are a number of hazards that could affect your home while you’re away, including lightning, theft and flooding. In order to keep your property safe while you’re on vacation, consider the following: Unplug small appliances and electronic devices. Stop the newspaper and mail. To do this online,…
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