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Directors and Officers Insurance

Directors and Officers Insurance Several months ago, I forwarded a Directors and Officers Liability Policy to a client.  They read it from cover to cover and then called and asked me, “What does it cover?”.   The policy has quite a list of exclusions on it, and it appeared, to the untrained eye, (more…)
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Understanding Business Insurance

Understanding Business Insurance At this time of year we hear a lot about people preparing for the holidays, but have you given any thought as to whether or not your business is prepared?  Not all businesses have special exposures to consider at this time of year, but most do. One of the insurance coverage's that…
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Reduce Your Liability Exposure from Non-Owned Automobiles

A basic business auto insurance policy will only cover employees while they are operating company-owned vehicles to perform company business. But do you need coverage for employees who might use their personal vehicle to perform company business? Do you have a sales force that regularly goes out on sales calls using their own vehicles? Do employees run errands, such as making bank deposits or purchasing office supplies?

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