Safety and Managing Risk

Safety and Managing Risk

Be Ready to protect your business, save money, and grow your bottom line with in-person opportunities and digital tools.

Loss Prevention:  We individually assign members of our highly trained team to help our clients develop a loss control program to; reduce, transfer and mitigate risk. We analyze your existing program and recommend new techniques to protect your business to avoid losses to your business where possible and also to support you throughout the claims process.

On site assessment and training:  We offer our clients assistance to help you understand your state and federal responsibilities, and show you how to control your costs. There is no additional charge for this service if you are a Clark-Mortenson client.

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Wellness401k is a software that helps with implementing a wellness program at your workplace to invest in your employees' wellbeing. Your employees will be encouraged to adopt healthier habits, which can improve health and productivity while reducing healthcare costs for your business.

OSHALogs – Dynamic OSHA Compliance and Injury Management Platform provides a secure, seamless method to create and track required OSHA documentation. This program is an incredible time-saver that generates PDF files of OSHA reports on all computers, tablets, and smartphones.  Utilizing this program also allows you to submit your OSHA recordables electronically.

AutomateSafety takes the guesswork out of safety training for your business. AutomateSafety provides a "set it and forget it" method to send your employees engaging safety training topics designed to streamline the safety training process.



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