Executive Benefits

Executive Benefits


Clark-Mortenson Agency provides comprehensive financial services for your company and your key employees. The services are unique because they offer an approach that combines individualized financial services tailored specifically to your individual needs. You need a plan to help realize your financial goals and retirement. Our Trusted Advisors really get to know you and will create a customized plan designed to meet your needs and commitments. Our executive benefits and financial services team will deliver on our promise of professional advice combined with a personal interest in you. We provide key person and executive benefit programs and financial services for you and your business's executives.

It is very difficult to find and retain top employees in today's marketplace. Therefore, more than ever, it is essential for you to offer a superior package of employee benefits to your employees.

Additionally, It is very important to offer benefits to your key performers that most affect the success of your business. This would include your sales leaders, executives, talented key employees and, of course, you. The Professionals of Clark-Mortenson can offer you and your business an array of executive benefit strategies that can be customized to the needs of your business and your key employees.

Executive benefits are an excellent way to recruit, hire and retain critical key employees. By offering tangible and valuable benefits, you can closely tie select employees to your business and at the same time help them to secure their financial futures.

Executive Benefits:

  • Life Insurance
  • Key Person Insurance
  • Long Term Disability Income Insurance
  • Key Person Long Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability to fund Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Business Overhead Expense Long Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability for key individuals (Stand Alone Coverage)
  • Disability Buy Out


  • Qualified Retirement Plans:
  • Simple IRA
  • SEP-IRA Plans