Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber Cyber Liability Insurance

The need for Cyber Liability insurance has never been greater.  Do you have any personally identifiable information (PII) on your customers or employees?  Banking and payroll information, social security numbers, sensitive information regarding health insurance and medical information?  Do you have concerns about what would happen if it got out as the result of a data breach?  Business of all sizes are potential targets for attackers, and the largest growth area for targeted attacks is with businesses having fewer than 250 employees.

Cyber Liability insurance will cover the costs associated with hiring attorneys and forensic IT experts, notifying customers, providing annual credit monitoring, and any state or federal fines or penalties. A policy will cover the liability incurred as a result of damages to the breached parties.  It will also cover business interruptions from the downtime your business suffers as a result of the breach.

Here are some important tips to help you protect yourself:


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