Commercial Umbrella

Commercial Umbrella Policies

In a society where the "$64,000 Question" has become "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" and it's common to hear someone say, "I'm not going to buy a lottery ticket this week since the jackpot is only $3 million," what are the odds that someone who trips and falls down your front steps will sue for anything less than several hundred thousand dollars? Pretty darn good.

This is why it has become increasingly important for everyone to consider adding on what is known as a "commercial umbrella" to your insurance coverage. While "umbrella" may seem a strange name for an insurance policy, it's actually fairly descriptive of the intent. This policy provides coverage that creates an "umbrella" of liability protection over the top of all of your other commercial liability policies.

Do you really need such high limits of liability coverage? Unfortunately, the answer is almost a definitive "yes." I say "almost" because it is possible you will never be threatened with a lawsuit or have someone either injured at your business or by your work or product.

But the odds are that it will happen at least once in your life, and for that one time the extra coverage provided by the umbrella will more than repay you for the premiums you've invested over the years. And since the umbrella is designed to kick in only for large claims, the price of the policy is fairly low considering the amount of coverage it will give you. Keep in mind, these policies are only for liability insurance, and are not designed to provide coverage for damage to your own property.

Umbrellas are a valuable addition to your insurance plan, and one policy you can truly say was designed to save for a rainy day.

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