Be Ready for Your Wedding!

Be Ready for Your Wedding!

“Wedding Season” has already begun with the beginning of Spring. With the anticipation and excitement surrounding newly engaged couples and their families, it’s hard to imagine what could go wrong on the big day. That’s why, if you or a loved one is getting married in the near future, you may want to consider Wedding Insurance.

Be Ready for Your WeddingAccording to The Wedding Report, the total average cost of a wedding in 2011 was $25,631. Travelers, which offers a comprehensive wedding insurance policy, has analyzed their most common wedding insurance claims that they had in 2011 and here are some examples:

4% - Unavoidable cancellations: Your partner gets the pre-wedding day “jitters” and decides to call it off last-minute! Cancelling the venue, catering, flowers, etc can cost you thousands in lost deposits and lost business. Coverage will help you offset these costs.

5% - Military deployment: Unfortuneatly, being called to duty cannot be delayed for a wedding, causing the wedding to be delayed or even cancelled on short notice. Coverage can help you recover your lost deposits.

8% - Attire: Your traveling to your destination wedding and the airline loses your wedding dress and tuxes. Coverage can cover the cost of replacing your wedding attire.

10% - Weather: Unexpected rain can put a damper on your outdoor wedding, causing it to be inaccessible and leaving you scrambling to find another venue. Coverage can make up the difference in cost for the new location.

13% - Vandalism/Theft: A guest made a getaway with your gift? Coverage can help compensate for those irreplaceable items that are ruined or go missing on your big day.

19% - Sickness/Injury/Mishaps: Sudden illness prevents the honorees, parents, or grandparents from attending the wedding. Coverage can reimburse you for deposits lost.

31% - Vendor/Venue: This was the biggest cause of wedding insurance claims in 2011. Coverage is provided if your vendor goes out of business, declares bankruptcy, or simply fails to show up.

Clark-Mortenson offers The Wedding Protector Plan from Travelers. It includes coverage for rehearsal events that take place within 48 hours of the wedding for as little at $160. It also covers perishable materials, lost or damaged photographs, host liability, liquor liability and more. Get an online quote today, or call us today at 877-352-2121 if you have a wedding planned, or refer us to someone you know that might be getting married. We can help "insure" that your wedding is covered for the unexpected!

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