Auto Fact Sheet

Pertinent Facts Concerning Automobile Policies:

The following is a partial summary of policy limitations, and/or endorsements, that you should consider carefully. Please refer to your policy for specific language regarding coverages and exclusions. In most cases we can provide these coverages by amending your policy, or through a separate policy. Some of these highlighted limitations and exclusions are new so please review thoroughly and call our office to discuss details or to be sure you are adequately covered.

Vehicle Ownership/Named Insured On Personal Auto Policy:

The named insured on your personal auto policy MUST include the same name(s) that are listed on the vehicle's title and registration. Coverage Can Be Denied If You Add A Vehicle Not Titled/Registered To You Under Your Policy Even If You Have Been Paying The Premiums For Coverage!

Licensed Residents In Household:

Please refer to your policy to be sure all licensed drivers in your household are listed on your policy. If any operators listed have left the household, please contact your agent.

Coverage Territories:

The Personal Auto policy does have a territory coverage limitation of the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, & U.S. Provinces. Coverage Does Not Apply To Your Vehicle While In Mexico. Nor does your policy extend coverage in any way if you rent a vehicle outside of the coverage territory.

Auto ID Cards:

Your auto ID card should be placed in your glove compartment with your registration as it provides you with "proof of insurance" when driving in states, such as Vermont, which require that you carry insurance. If you are planning a trip to Canada, please call our office for a Canadian Auto ID Card.

Rental Vehicles:

If you plan on renting a vehicle on vacation, please call our office for advice regarding the purchase of insurance from the car rental company.

Newly Acquired Automobiles:

Please notify us prior to picking up your new vehicle.

Auto Loan/Lease Gap Coverage:

Have you recently leased or purchased a new vehicle with little or no money down? If so, are you covered for Auto Loan/Lease Gap protection under your lease/purchase agreement? This coverage is also available under the personal automobile insurance policy, usually at a lower cost to you than can be provided through your dealer.

Non-Owned Vehicles Furnished For Your Regular/Customary Use:

If you have an employer-furnished vehicle, Extended Non-owned Automobile coverage can be added to your personal automobile policy. This coverage extends your liability coverage to protect you on an excess basis for this exposure.

Camper Trailers/RV’s – Awnings, Screen Houses, Antennas:

Coverage is not provided for these items unless they are specifically added to your policy.

Customization To Your Vehicle:

Custom wheels, paint, plows, after market bedliners, suspension raising/lowering kits, etc. are NOT covered unless you specifically add the customized equipment to your auto policy.

Tapes, CD’s, Sound Production/Reproducing & Electronic Devices:

These items are specifically excluded under the personal automobile policy but coverage for certain items may be purchased by endorsement to the policy. (Radar Detectors are not eligible for coverage buy-back.)

Deliveries Or Business Use:

Please contact your agent if you use your vehicle in the course of your employment or if you make deliveries of any type.

Students Away At School:

Do you have a listed driver away at school? Please contact your agent if this is the case to be sure that you are properly covered.

Motorcycles/Recreational Vehicles:

Unlike newly acquired vehicles, motorcycles and RVs are NOT automatically covered under an existing personal automobile policy. Please contact your agent BEFORE you acquire a motorcycle or RV.

Vehicles Garaged Away From Premises:

If you own a vehicle that is not garaged at your residence ie: student away at school with a vehicle, please contact your agent as changes to your policy may be required.

Antique or Classic Autos:

Your antique or classic auto should be insured for appraised value. Please contact your agent to discuss.

Please be sure to call our office if you should have any questions or concerns regarding your coverage.


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