Attending College in Massachusetts?

Attending College in Massachusetts?

Don't forget your "Nonresident Driver Statement" when heading to college in Massachusetts!

I recently attended a training class on Massachusetts auto insurance laws. I learned that Massachusetts is very unique when it comes to how an automobile policy is written, compared to other surrounding states.

One thing I didn’t know until I took this class is that, according to Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Law, if you or your child is attending a school in MA from out-of-state, a “Nonresident Driver Statement” will need to be filed with the police department in the town where the college is located. This is applicable even if you or your child is not bringing a car with them, and if they are living on campus or not.

After the form is completed and submitted to the local police department, the school will issue a special decal that you are required to put on “the uppermost center portion of the windshield.” Failure to complete this form every school year can result in a $200 fine!

After researching this topic more, I have found that several MA college websites provide more information to their students on how to complete the form. Some will even prevent students from registering for classes until they complete it.

If you need a copy of this form, or just want to check it out, click here:

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