Trip Morse

Insurance & Business Solution Advisor

Trip MorseProfessional Experience:

In today’s economy, protecting your assets is more important than ever. Trip Morse specializes in working with clients like you, who have special and sometimes complicated insurance exposures. He knows the best ways to manage your risks, and he can help you be ready for whatever challenges and opportunities life brings your way. That’s because Trip has 36 years of risk management experience. He brings that experience to clients in Vermont and New Hampshire whose sophisticated accounts demand regular review and specialized knowledge. When was the last time you had an expert review your personal risk management portfolio? Trip knows how assets and personal goals change over time, and that it’s crucial for your insurance coverage to change along with you. He’ll answer all of your questions, even ones that you didn’t think to ask— and he’ll act as your advocate if you have a claim. Trip also draws on the experience and resources of the entire Clark-Mortenson team, a team that has protected people in this region since 1877.

In the Community:

Trip currently serves on the Executive Board of the Southern Vermont Chamber of Commerce.  He is also in charge of the local United States Tennis Association (USTA) for junior development, a program that introduces elementary school-aged children in southern Vermont to the game of tennis.

Phone: 603-352-2121