Mission & Customer Value Statement

The first step in assisting our clients to Be Ready for Anything is to listen to our clients.  We continually strive to listen to our clients and provide them with what they need.  Through the use of focus groups and feedback from our clients, we developed our Customer Value Statements.  These statements provide us with a path to follow to meet clients needs.  This is what you want and what we strive to provide.


"I want you to be attentive to me and understand my needs."


"I need to trust and rely on you like a friend walking through my door."


"I want to depend on you to be there for me and be involved in my community."


"I need you to know my business and be an expert in yours."


"I need you to be patient and provide me with efficient service and a personal touch."

Customer Value

"I want to know I am getting a higher level of expertise from a local professional. I want to know that when I call, there will always be someone there to comfort me. That's reassuring."